Garage Door Repair Service

We provide solutions to a wide range of problems such as noisy doors, broken or worn springs, damaged door panels, loose tracks and rails, and defective control panels. We do it all!

Safe House Garage Door Repairs

If your garage door is not functioning properly, we offer a variety of residential and commercial repair services, including:


  • Door realignment and balancing 
  • Extension spring replacement
  • Torsion spring replacement
  • Sensor alignment
  • Door panel/section replacement
  • Door cable, hinge, and roller replacement
  • Control panel and remote opener repair 
  • All other garage door parts

If you need any garage door repairs and/or replacement, make Safe House Garage Door Repair your first call! All of our service technicians, all of whom are licensed and highly-trained, have been with us for many years. These experienced garage door repair professionals will come to your house at your earliest convenience and get your issue fixed in the quickest, safest, and efficient manner possible. 

In our countless years in the business, our primary concern has always been safety. There are no words to describe just how important to us that your garage door is not only in working order but will not also cause undue harm.

When your garage door  is broken – or you require a garage door panel replacement – it is never a good idea to attempt to get the job done by yourself. It really pays to consult and seek the help of a professional. Why? That is because your garage door comes with complicated mechanisms.



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